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Guaranteed Company Productivity Increase or Your Money Back

One Hour DRUMBEAT Your Day: Quick Start Program: Lunch & Learn or Breakfast Briefing

These programs are perfect for any team or individual who has some control over how they structure their day. Let's have a conversation, no charge, to discover what the DRUMBEAT can or can't do for your productivity. 

In just one hour, your team or audience will learn the first step in the DRUMBEAT Business Productivity System. The Net Promoter Score® for this program is a whopping 61. You can expect about  7 out of 10 attendees to be positive enough about the process to recommend it to Family and Colleagues, 2 undecided, and 1 who's already happy with their productivity style. I'm so sure this will work for you, I don't even charge for this hour presentation. 

DRUMBEAT Half-Day (3 hours)

The Drumbeat Business Productivity Workshop can be split over two Half-Days. This is recommended if you want to make sure there is an adoption period with a follow-up session to insure implementation.

The Major elements are the Quick Start Guide to the DRUMBEAT Day, Mindset, Goal Setting and Accountability, a new external Memory Method, Better Sounding Questions, the 7 Skills, Priority Setting, how to master your Must-Do projects, Creative Conflict Resolution, and blending your style with the team and company.  $4000

DRUMBEAT Full-Day (6 Hours) 

This program is APPROVED for a MA Workforce Training Grant. All major elements will be covered. $395 per person, minimum 20 people. 


Whatever your team needs, custom solutions are available.

My name is Jon Denn, I'm the CEO of Supreme Productivity and specialize in Strategic Planning, Innovation, and Supreme Productivity. I was a Hotel Chain CEO, ran an adaptive leadership program for 12 years, a publisher, entrepreneur, and have been a Vistage CEO Coach and Group Chair since 2014. My book DRUMBEAT Business Productivity System "Best Practice to Play Your Day" comes out late this Fall. My reason for being is to make You, Fully Successful ®.

I write for Forbes and have been published in Fortune Magazine, Hotel Management Magazine, DC Velocity, and Cape & Plymouth Business Magazine. I have 13 Adrian Awards from the Hotel Sales & Marketing Association International, and a GREAT Menu Award from the National Restaurant Association. I'm also a doubly certified health coach.

What's the most important thing we should be working on today? Are you dreaming big enough? How can I help? Coaching available, by phone or in person.