Approved for MA State Workforce Training

Private Advisory Boards

Chief Executive (CE)

The Platinum Experience. You group meets monthly to confidentially process each others' challenges and opportunities. Most months there is a best practice workshop held by one of the 800+ leaders in the Vistage speaker bureau. Click on Best Practice Workshops for a preview of this year's offerings. The chair is available to meet with members to prep issues for the board or otherwise work through them. 

C-Suite Executives (Key)

The Gold Experience. These boards operate the same as a Chief Executive CE group, but there are no one-to-one meetings with the chair included. The workshop programs are selected based on the needs of the individual members from the different companies. We attempt to have a board with a full range of C-Suite departments and small business owners. It's a great place to share solutions from cross industries—a process known as TRIZ.    

Trusted Advisors (TA)

The Silver Experience: This is a board for small business owners, solopreneurs, and department heads in the service areas or knowledge economies. Workshops are offered by the members themselves and other local talent. The TA board is exceptionally affordable because the Vistage speaker bureau and chair one-to-ones are not included. It's all about the board meetings. 

Vistage Executive Summit

The All-City Boston event is usually held in November. Three hundred Vistage members all at the same event with other speakers and resource partners. Last year the keynote was given by Al Mulally former CEO of Ford Motor Company and Boeing. It was fabulous. If you're interested I still have my notes, and a video will be available for a limited time. 

Vistage Inside

Any of the features on this page can be customized for a Vistage experience inside your company as opposed to with other companies. The group facilitation is of particular value. Studies show that participants in a meeting should not also facilitate. Stand back, we're professionals.