DRUMBEAT (the book)

Do New Hires Get Your Productivity System on Their First Day?

What if your whole team were using the same productivity system? What if it was not full of corporate-speak and instead used fun everyday terms people can relate to?

Is Your Team Working Too Slow?

It may not be they're working too slow, but they're bogged down working on the wrong stuff. We use Better Sounding Questions not mindless to do lists. You can't get the correct answers if your team is not asking the right questions. 

Is Your Mind Racing Too Fast?

Your default DRUMBEAT Day is comprised of two 3 hour sets. A 90-minute Solo Session for deep down thinking. A 60-minute Jam session for communications, and a 30-minute TaDa! session for task sprints. The rest of your day, go ahead and improvise.

Is Your Team Communication Too Loud?

There needs to be clear rules for how and when to communicate and in what style. Once that rhythm is set team interactions will become a joy.

Is Your Customer Communication Too Soft?

If your clients can't hear your beat, they're soon going to be dancing with your competitors. How much of that is going on already?

What should you be-do-ing right now?

What would 3% more productivity mean for your whole team? 10%? 4x? In dollars, satisfaction, less aggravation? Let's find out!